Odoo Vs NetSuite: Best Possible Solution To Your Business

May 20, 2023

In 2023 more and more businesses are looking for ERP Solutions that can enable better efficiencies for their business and operations.

There is an extensive list of ERP solutions businesses can use to improve their operations and reduce inefficiencies.

One of the popular conversations we as Dragonfly Consultants hear from CEOs and senior leaders is regarding NetSuite vs Odoo.

Both are comprehensive ERP solutions that offer a set of features that can facilitate small, medium, and large organizations without you having to worry about the stability of either platform.

Having said that both do offer product features that can serve specific industry players better versus the other in certain situations.

In this NetSuite vs Odoo comparison, we’ll do a deep dive about the value proposition of each, key features, pricing, and differentiators so you as a senior decision maker can make an evidence-based decision for your organization.

So without further ado, let’s discuss what are the pros and cons of our NetSuite vs Odoo comparison.

Comparing ERP Systems: NetSuite and Odoo are effective in multiple industries 

An ERP System is a platform that enables larger organizations to have visibility and control of all activities, operations, and data points across various departments in the organization and streamline their operations for greater efficiency.

ERP is one of the fastest-growing software in the IT Industry. 

Just so that readers have context, the global ERP software market size was valued at over $44 billion in 2022 and is expected to exhibit an increase of 6.2% in 2023. 

This shouldn't be surprising as ERP systems are effective for all departments be it finance, supply chain, marketing, HR or logistics, etc. Hence making the software an essential part of any company that wants to streamline all its operations and communication within one platform.

Comparing Netsuite vs Odoo first thing you need to be clear is Netsuite is more aligned with the requirements of larger businesses at a top level while Odoo is an Open Source of ERP and CRM Software that can enable small to larger companies and businesses.

Some of the top industries using NetSuite include IT & Services, SaaS, Retail, Manufacturing, and Media.

Some common companies that are moving to Odoo include industry players from Production, Services, Mechanical Engineering, Auto Dealers, and Healthcare.

With over 30,000 client organizations using NetSuite and 4.9 million users for Odoo, it’s no wonder there is so much discussion about which platform is more suitable as an ERP solution.

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is a business management suite, that provides options that enable an entire organization and all its core departments including financials, supply chain, and marketing. 

NetSuite has been voted as the 11th most easy-to-use Cloud ERP solution on g2 versus 500+ players in the market. 

NetSuite ERP delivers significant benefits with real-time reporting, process streamlining, and a 360-degree view of performance across business units. 

Gartner has also earmarked NetSuite as a Top Cloud Business Solution for a 4th year consecutively for midsize, large, and global enterprises. 

So what’s a top-level review of Gartner for NetSuite entail?

  • Ranked the leader among a large market of tech companies.
  • NetSuite serves businesses of all sizes.
  • NetSuite is the World’s First ERP Built for the cloud.

30,000+ businesses use NetSuite across 160+ Countries. 

Small, mid-size, and larger enterprises run their crucial operations on NetSuite because of its inherent capabilities and because it’s highly customizable.

Its range of functionalities makes it suitable for both B2B and B2C clients. 

So, what are the major advantages of NetSuite for businesses in 2023?

  • Global Enterprise Resource Planning solution designed for future-facing businesses. 
  • You can be confident with over 30,000 enterprises already using and happy with the solution.
  • True omnichannel commerce
  • Built for multiple industries with customizable options. 

If you’re already convinced that NetSuite is the most suitable solution for your business, get in touch with the NetSuite Implementation and Managed Services experts at Dragonfly Consulting.

Dragonfly Consulting has more than 100+ years of combined team experience in implementing NetSuite for dozens of companies across the globe in different sectors and niches. 

What is Odoo?

Odoo is an Enterpise Resource Planning software used for company-wide management of business operations. 

Odoo provides seamless integration through Odoo Apps that form an ERP solution when combined.  

Some of the major Odoo apps for ERP and CRM include:

  • Website Builder with Odoo Content Management System
  • Accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Manufacturing MRP
  • eCommerce
  • Helpdesk for Customer Support
  • eLearning

Odoo Enterprise edition is available for desktop and cloud-hosted on Odoo online. 

Odoo is a good ERP Solution for small businesses but if you’re a large enterprise then opt-in for NetSuite or SAP solutions.

Businesses across different industries use Odoo software including but not limited to:

How much does Odoo cost?

SaaS standard pricing for Odoo Software for business management begins at $35 per month for 1 user annually or $28 per month before apps. Odoo does offer new customer discounts as well!

What are the primary features and advantages of NetSuite?

From scalable pricing to customizations, NetSuite has long been at the forefront of ERP solution providers' business opt for.

Its capabilities include automation as well as a centralized backend for all your core business processes.

NetSuite Integrations with Third-Party Systems

The beauty of NetSuite is that it just doesn’t provide great features within the system, on top of that it enables connections with other great platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, Amazon, and Shopify to name a few.

These integrations facilitate enterprises to use NetSuite as their base system while continuing to use function-based software solutions that your team has been using previously.

This ensures that while onboarding NetSuite solution as your choice ERP platform you don’t have to be worried about any disconnect during the entire process with your existing tech stack.

Establish Visibility for your business operations with NetSuite ERP

NetSuite facilitates features like customizable dashboards, customer records that are unified, and real-time updates and access which ensures you can make tactical decisions on the fly.

These components can create a well-oiled sales machine, customer fulfillment, and a happy customer experience.

Customizability to fit your business needs

NetSuite’s platform has over 30 different modules and a multitude of add-ons. 

These customizations are designed to fit the unique needs of each business. 

With NetSuite, you have access to various currencies, taxation rules, and reporting requirements.

Flexible Pricing for Businesses of all Sizes and Requirements 

Making the move to a professional ERP solution is a tough and expensive one and having the right solution can make or break your business; hence selecting and implementing the right one is essential. 

The NetSuite pricing structure is composed of four tiers:

  • NetSuite BPO
  • NetSuite Starter Packages
  • NetSuite for Mid Market
  • NetSuite Enterprise

Automate every business operation with Oracle NetSuite

Automation capabilities is something NetSuite masters.

Inputting information in one tab and having it populated across different forms, dashboards, and analyzed charts is what makes NetSuite stand out. 

Manually entering data from one sheet to the other is tiresome, error-prone, and simply not efficient in 2023.  

NetSuite avoids all these difficult decisions by automating everything.

As a Top NetSuite implementation and managed services provider in North America, Dragonfly Consulting is proud to implement NetSuite for growing businesses looking to automate their data and bring more visibility within their companies. 

To learn more about the extensive benefits of NetSuite, including how this ERP solution can facilitate your business operations and processes, don’t hesitate to contact one of our consultants today!

What are the primary features and advantages of Odoo?

Odoo’s ERP tools, modules, and software are developed and designed to increase a business's profitability.

Odoo is made to make your business procedures more efficient, which helps you to cut costs and increase efficiency.

Some of the major advantages of Odoo include

Collaboration between departments

One of the major elements of a comprehensive ERP is a centralized database.

Odoo can reduce data errors and consequent losses to a great extent. 

Based on your choice of ERP, the features and functions may differ but Odoo can streamline data across various departments by converting it into a single source. 

Enhanced Analytics and Reporting

Odoo ERP make it easy to generate reports and cuts down your precious time on performing days of research and compilation in manual reports.

Odoo enables you to achieve higher productivity

With Odoo ERP, you can automate tedious tasks and allows employees to use their time effectively. 

Low Cost of Implementation

Odoo has low implementation costs as well as lower recurring costs versus other top ERP Solutions.

One of the major factors to this is licensing. 

Odoo’s Community versions has no licensing fees, though it has limited features and customer support which is a bummer.

Easy Integration

Odoo is API-friendly and easy to integrate with. If you’re using QuickBooks or other beneficial software, you can easily integrate with the new ERP system.

Real Life Reviews from Actual Odoo and NetSuite users from Capterra

NetSuite Reviews

"My overall experience was very good this up. And the software is very useful and can give you all the desired information at the click of a button."

"It was free because of nonprofit. I believe the owner of Oracle's wife likes to help nonprofits so they reached out to us and we are interested."

"All inclusive one-stop ERP system good for small companies and scalable for the future. Reporting/view features are nice and reminders on the homepage & personalized dashboard are a good touch."

Odoo Reviews

"I love the most is the business function inside odoo, its object link with each other such as sale, inventory, and alot so on, I have been using this until now I want to be a partner with odoo."

"Personally, I'd love to be a contributor to the Open Source portfolio of features and products (if only I had the time)."

"It perfectly supports Importing, exporting or migration from another ERP. Transactional control, tracing over network is available, secured platform for business."

Is your business considering NetSuite software in 2023?

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for NetSuite expertise, Dragonfly Consulting’s NetSuite implementation experts are here for your business from software evaluation, licensing, customizations, implementations, and managed services.

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